Sabrina Rolle

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Sabrina Rolle Set 001
Sabrina lounging a set of brown lunged bra under a tied-up tops and sheer bikini.
Sabrina Rolle Set 002
For this shoot Sabrina wore a cream set of underwire bra and tanga panties.
Sabrina Rolle Set 003
Sabrina in a cowgirl top outfit with her set of blue bikinis
Sabrina Rolle Set 004
Sabrina wore a turquoise strapless bra and tanga panties.
Sabrina Rolle Set 005
Sabrina beside a vase wore a combination of blue/black corset and white bikini panties.
Sabrina Rolle Set 006
Sabrina in this shoot wore a pink underwire bra and micro mini skirt.
Sabrina Rolle Set 007
Sabrina modeled a set of black plunged bra and tanga panties with lace design.
Sabrina Rolle Set 008
Sabrina for her last shoot in a purple/ black plunged bra and petticoat skirt.