Regina Lynn

Regina Lynn, age 13, from Ohio. The 134th TrueTeenBabes model.
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Regina Lynn Set 001
Regina in her first shoot features an orange set of string halter bra and panties.
Regina Lynn Set 002
Posed on a chair Regina wore a red basque with floral design and black G-string panties.
Regina Lynn Set 003
In a studio shoot Regina showed us a turquoise set of string bikini.
Regina Lynn Set 004
Regina modeled in a brown plunging bra and thong panties.
Regina Lynn Set 005
Regina looking wet while doing the car wash in her set of pink string bikini.
Regina Lynn Set 006
Sitting on a chair Regina posed in a yellow sheer camisole and G-string panties
Regina Lynn Set 007
Regina in a storage room posed in a yellow unlined bra and sheer G-string panties.
Regina Lynn Set 008
Regina in this shoot wore a lime color unlined bra.
Regina Lynn Set 009
Regina posed in a white open longsleeve during this shoot.
Regina Lynn Set 010
Regina in this shoot posed with her color magenta/ grey bodice and black G-string.
Regina Lynn Set 011
In a kneeling position Regina showed us a violet set of unlined bra and sheer tanga panties.
Regina Lynn Set 012
In a black and white shoot, Regina on a couch features a set of unlined bra and G-string panties.
Regina Lynn Set 013
Regina posed in a tan color halter top and sexy jeans shorts.
Regina Lynn Set 014
During this shoot Regina features a brown sheer babydoll lingerie with G-string panties.
Regina Lynn Set 015
Regina modeled a black 3/4 crop plunging top and color gold sexy shorts.
Regina Lynn Set 016
Regina showed us a black unlined bra and panties with pink linings.
Regina Lynn Set 017
Regina in her last shoot without anything worn only black fabric covering her front part.