Cassie Dunn

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Cassie Dunn Set 001
For her very first set, Cassie, showed off in red bra with silver and red string panties.
Cassie Dunn Set 002
Cassie poses in a black top with floral spots and black lingerie.
Cassie Dunn Set 003
During this shoot Cassie wore black with gold lingerie matching her necklace.
Cassie Dunn Set 004
Cassie posing on bed in a pink top with string polka dot panties.
Cassie Dunn Set 005
Cassie modeled in a set of flesh colored lingerie.
Cassie Dunn Set 006
Cassie posing on a wall with a sheer white sando and black panties.
Cassie Dunn Set 007
For this shoot, Cassie was photographed wearing a set of sheer black lingerie.
Cassie Dunn Set 008
Cassie on her final set wearing a beaded purple necklace which matched her brown bra & panties.